Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

I told you before about the OUTSTANDING vegan cupcake recipe that I discovered. I modified it into a muffin sort of recipe, for my friend’s birthday. She’s crazy about vegan food, so I knew she would like these.

I am obsessed with chocolate and raspberries combined, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED these. They might be too tart or sugary for some people’s taste, but they were PERFECT for me.

Excuse the bad photography, I had to take these on my phone.



You can find the outstanding vegan chocolate cupcake recipe here

I modified these by blending raspberries in a blender (you may want to add sugar – I didn’t, but I love the tart raspberry taste) and putting a spoonful of the raspberry blend into each pre-filled chocolate cupcake. For the glaze, I just mixed powdered sugar, water, and a little food dye.

These were INCREDIBLE! Try them for yourself!

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