Homemade Caramel Apples – Grandma’s Recipe #4

This is the fourth recipe of my grandma’s that my mom and I have tried…

For those of you just starting to read our blog, we are on a Julie and Julia-esque mission to bake all of my grandma’s amazing recipes. The first was her apple pie, the second was her popcorn balls, the third her incredibly amazing sugar cookies.

Now, we have decided to make her homemade caramel apples.


We have realized that it just wouldn’t be fair to leave you high and dry without any sort of recipe to go on. While we don’t think we could ever give away grandma’s secrets, we’re going to pass along some recipes that are similar to hers, but with slight variations.

So, here is a recipe that is relatively similar to her own caramel apple recipe, found on the Food Network website, by Food Network magazine.

These were really easy and really quick to make! They make great teacher appreciation gifts, too – we made these to thank the teachers/faculty who helped me with teacher recommendations, etc. for college. =)

Happy baking!




Make sure you dip the caramel-coated apples in sugar at the bottom, so they don’t stick to the wax paper!

Also, after you dip them in caramel, it helps to spin them in a circle in the air, rather than just letting some of the caramel drip back into the pan.

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