Happy Chrismukkah!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

My winter break just began, and already we’ve been busy bakers. =)

A few weeks ago, I had a Chrismukkah party for my friends.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chrismukkah, it is basically just what it sounds like – Christmas and Hanukkah combined. Several kids who have one Christian parent and one Jewish parent celebrate this holiday. Since my friends are both Jewish and Christian, and because we are all crazy for Seth Cohen and The O.C., I decided a few years back to make my holiday parties Chrismukkah parties. =)

We all had a great time decorating graham cracker houses (and almost going into a sugar coma, since we ate more of the candy than we decorated with….I’m a sucker for Dots) and eating. A LOT.

No bake cookies, snowballs, and grandma’s sugar cookies and turtles. Sugar shock!!

Gotta love a good game of dreidel….especially the chocolate gelt.

I made Yamaclaus for everyone at the party!

As you may have seen in the second season of The O.C., a yarmaclaus is a Santa hat mixed with a Jewish yarmulke. It sure was a lot of work, but it was worth it!

How to make your own Chrismukkah Yarmaclaus

you need:

-red felt

-white Santa craft fur

-mini white pom poms

-LOTS of hot glue

-a hot glue gun

-a bowl

-a marker



-Trace the bowl onto the red felt. Cut it out.

-Make four cuts in the felt, almost all the way to the middle point. The cuts should be made one on each side.

-Hot glue each side together. When you attach a side/flap to the adjacent felt/flap, make sure the felt pieces overlap each other, so you get more of a cap/hat shape.

-cut the Santa fur into small strips (so you will need two or three per hat – if you just cut one per hat, the felt will not glue on properly, and will look bumpy)

-After turning your hat inside out, glue the fur onto your hat

-Glue the pom poms on the top of the hats

As you can see, we got pretty creative with our graham cracker houses……

I had originally intended that we use mini cartons (such as Tropicana orange juice cartons, or milk cartons) as a base for the houses. I suggest using this idea if you are working with younger kids.

We quickly forgot about the cartons and got a little more….well, crafty –

Tip: You don’t always need to use royal icing, specifically.

We had tried to make royal gingerbread house icing, but it failed epically. So my dad went to the grocery store and purchased a large tub of normal white decorator icing. It worked very nicely!

Good Candies to use for gingerbread houses

-Dots (YUM!)



-Mini gumballs

-mini candy canes

-holiday Peeps

-red hots

-Twizzler string licorice


-graham crackers, in case you do not have a gingerbread kit/recipe handy.

We found all of these at a local dollar store, so it’s very cheap!

Happy Chrismukkah everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday!

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2 Responses to Happy Chrismukkah!!!!

  1. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

  2. truco online says:

    Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

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