Decadent Dove Chocolate Pretzels

One of my family’s all-time favorite snacks is chocolate covered pretzels.

We go crazy for them, and once we get them in the house, they will be gone by the next day, without even a crumb uneaten.

Around this time of year, we usually have Hershey’s chocolate covered pretzels (which doesn’t exactly keep those holiday pounds at bay). This year, however, the pretzels seem to be out of stock.

At first, we were traumatized. Where would we get our salty, chocolatey delight now????

We decided to make our own chocolate pretzels, using even better chocolate than Hershey’s – we used Dove milk chocolate (which has to be one of the most incredibly delicious chocolates on the planet).

We used three bags of Dove chocolate promises, and coated about 200 of Snyder’s mini pretzels.These pretzels are by no means cheap to make (unless you purchase the chocolate on sale – sometimes Target has Dove chocolate on sale), but they are most definitely worth it (the bold italic font does not do them justice!!!!!!!!)

We basically just threw a bunch of pretzels into the melted chocolate (we didn’t add butter or crisco to it or anything) and stirred. We were lucky enough not to have any break, except for one at the end. We used wooden kebab skewers/chopstick like sticks to fish them out of the chocolate, which worked very nicely.

These would make a fabulous gift for a chocoholic friend, a teacher, coworker – anyone, really! They are so decadent, and they look so fancy! This sounds strange, but they taste extravagant. Extravagantly wonderful.

You might try making these with dark Dove chocolate. You could also cover them with rainbow sprinkles to make them festive, or drizzle them with melted white or dark chocolate.

I cannot say enough how INCREDIBLE these taste! THey were easy to make, and are absolutely delicious. The Dove milk chocolate works especially well with the salt of the pretzels – better than any other chocolate we’ve tried before and (sorry, Hershey’s!) way better than Hershey’s.

These will most definitely be gone by the weekend, with only noticeably thicker waistline to show for it. =)

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