Smores Indoors!

Several weeks ago, for the last day of school before Thanksgiving break, I made s’mores bars to share with my classmates at school.

I found the recipe in my grandma’s collection. You can find the recipe here .

I decided to get a little fancy, so I used half Toll House milk chocolate chips, half Hershey kisses for this, instead of just chocolate chips.

It was incredibly easy and quick to make, and smelled absolutely amazing! I really suggest you make this – kids would love making them and eating them. It’s a great dessert or snack to make in a hurry, but it still looks delicious and is a very thoughtful gesture to whoever you are making it for.

My dad couldn’t take his eyes off these while I was making them. He kept wandering over, smelling the air, and saying, “mmmm. Wow, those smell REALLY good!” Eventually I gave in and let him try some and he fell in love. He went crazy for these bars, and so did my classmates! THey would start off with just one bar, then say, “Wow! These are SO GOOD!” and grab another. Then another. =)

Try them out for yourself – they are a definite crowd pleaser, and something I will be sure to make again in a time crunch.

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