Gluttonous, artery-clogging heaven: Hot Fudge Cream Puff

One of my mom’s favorite desserts is a hot fudge cream puff. When I found a recipe for cream puffs in 1001 Cupcakes, Cookies, and Other Tempting Treats, I couldn’t wait to make one for her.

In the book’s recipe, the butter and water needed to boil, then I had to add the flour. After I added the flour, I needed to add enough beaten egg so it would form a nice ball.

Personally, I was not amused by the extremely egg-y smell that permeated the kitchen as I was making this dough. But hey, it baked perfectly….

To make two large puffs, I made 1 and a half batches of the recipe.

I also don’t happen to be a fan of anything creamy. Ick. For some reason, I just do not like the taste of butter or creamy foods like Cool Whip.

However, with the new electric mixer my dad and I got my mom for Christmas, I really enjoyed beating the heavy cream and superfine sugar. You have no idea how happy we are that we no longer have to beat butter and whip cream by hand……whew! We nearly got carpal tunnel!

A little sidenote, or disclaimer if you will: I realize how gluttonously heart attack-inducingly dense this looks. I would just like you all to know that my family does not often eat intensely fatty things like this, and we actually do care about our arteries.

THat said, the only way to make a hot fudge cream puff is with loads of butter pecan ice cream and Sanders hot fudge (nothing else is good enough!  Nothing!)

Sanders hot fudge is the most heavenly thing you will ever taste on this planet. Please order some so you can see that I am definitely not exaggerating.

I spent the New Year watching the Rose Bowl Parade while eating my mom’s yummy Mickey-shaped waffles, and watching movies like The Proposal and Four Christmases (both were hilarious!)

How did you spend your holiday?

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