Homemade Fortune Cookies, New Year’s Eve Style

For New Year’s Eve, I had originally intended on making a confetti cake. Is anything cuter than a confetti cake? Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved the rainbow colors of the cake. I always had so much fun stirring the sprinkles into the confetti cake frosting, too.

Instead of making a confetti cake, however, I decided to make homemade fortune cookies. I just got the book 1001 Cupcakes, Cookies and Other Tempting Treats for Christmas. It has so many incredible recipes that I can’t wait to try – from chocolate malt ball muffins to molten chocolate cupcakes to beignet donuts (ever since I saw The Princess and the Frog, I’ve been dying to try making them!) and rich chocolate eclairs. I would definitely check out this book – it’s absolutely packed with recipes – I pretty much marked every page as “must-try recipes.”

Check out the book for the recipe, or search the plethora of online baking sites to find a good one. This recipe called for superfine sugar, egg whites, peanut oil for greasing, etc.

You can only do two max at a time, because shaping them takes a while, and these suckers cool and harden very quickly!!!!!!!!!

Pat out the circles so they’re about three inches in diameter – make sure they are rather thin (almost paper thin), otherwise you will get a very thick cookie with more of a chewy texture than your traditional fortune cookie.

Clearly, I had a bit of trouble shaping them in the beginning. I didn’t realize just how quickly they start to harden – you seriously have only about ten seconds or so to shape them before they start to harden!

Here’s what I learned about shaping fortune cookies:

  • If you’re baking them in batches of two, always shape the brownest one first, because it hardens first (and once it hardens, it will be harder to try to shape the browner one)
  • To shape a cookie:
  1. Flip the cookie so the side that touched the baking sheet is now facing up (you want the pretty, smooth side on the outside!)
  2. place the fortune towards the middle of the cookie
  3. fold the cookie in half, so it is a semi circle. Pinch the edges together.
  4. Stick your index fingers in the holes in the sides of the cookie, and place the cookie on the rim of a cup
  5. Push down on the cookie, making a dent in the middle of the semi circle (the not pinched together side).

I suggest wearing thin gloves of some sort, because the cookies are very hot (the oven is 400 degrees) and you will burn your hands as you are trying to shape them. You will not get a very attractive cookie when your burning hands are occupying your focus. =)

All in all, I’d say these don’t look too bad for my first go. =)

They tasted really good, too. A bit more sugary and vanilla-y than a traditional fortune cookie, but pretty darn close.

For the fortunes, I looked up cutesy little sayings online, like “help! I’m trapped in a Chinese bakery!” and “It’s about time I got out of that cookie!” I also wrote traditional fortunes, like “You will have a very joyful 2010.”

We opened them just after midnight (After the silly string fight and confetti flinging), to see what our new year would bring us. =)

I can’t believe it is actually 2010 – my graduation year! Ever since I was a kid I’ve known this year would come, but it seemed so far ahead in the distance. Now it’s actually here!

These fortune cookies would be a great gift for a friend. Make the fortunes inside jokes between the two of you, or some lyrics from her favorite songs. Drizzle them in white chocolate for a fancy twist. You can usually find Chinese food-style carryout containers at your local dollar store – they would be a great way to package these treats!!

These cookies were a near fail. My first two came out way too thick – they crumbled and broke as I tried to shape them. Then, I couldn’t figure out how to shape the cookies fast enough, because my hands were burning…..whew! I gave it my best try, though, and I think they turned out alright!

I hope you all had a very happy, safe new year!

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