Epic Fail: Raspberry Scones

Yesterday morning, I made the fat free raspberry scones found in the Secrets of Fat-Free Baking cookbook.

I always like trying out fat free baking recipes. When it comes to fat free baking, it’s pretty much just a shot in the dark. Recipes can be bland, the wrong texture, or just plain gross (just a note: applesauce muffins are rarely ever as tasty as they might seem). Or, they can be absolutely wonderful, like the vegan chocolate cupcakes that I made previously (there are also some really great recipes out there for fat free oatmeal cookies).

I was really excited to try out this scone recipe. I’ve always loved scones – I will devour almost any kind – chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, you name it!! I’ve been looking out for a good low fat scone recipe. I know how difficult such a recipe would be – since the butter and sugar in scones gives them most of their flavor.

I tried this recipe, however, and I was not exactly pleased.

These were pretty disappointing. I absolutely LOVE raspberries, so I’m kind of mad I wasted these raspberries on the scones (tip: if you live near an orchard, go pick a whole bunch of raspberries – we pick 2 flats, or about 24 pints – in summer/early fall. Freeze most of them in ziploc bags, and stick them in the freezer. They will stay good for quite some time.).

These would have been good with more sugar. They tasted very bland – I suppose the scarce 2 tablespoons of sugar the recipe called for explains this – not to mention the fact that these are fat free. Next time I make these, I will be adding more sugar. Then they should be just fine.

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