German Chocolate Cake, completely homemade

My dad has been wanting me to make him german chocolate cake since Christmastime. A few weeks ago, I decided to make it for him so he could take it to lunch with him at work.

I decided to use the Joy of Baking German Chocolate Cake Recipe, by Stephanie Jaworski.

While I knew making the cake would be a lot of work, I had no idea it would be just so time consuming! This recipe takes quite some time, but it is most definitely worth it.

The frosting was definitely my favorite part to make!!

I’m a very impatient girl, so it took all I had in me to let these cakes cool for a proper amount of time!


Dad and all of his friends at work loved this cake!  It was gone in record time, and Dad said to put five million gold stars on this recipe!  You should definitely try it for yourself – it’s worth all the work!

It tastes, looks, and even smells so much nicer than a cake from a box. You really can tell the difference.

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