I’m 18!!!! My Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party

I recently celebrated my eighteenth birthday!!!!

I can’t believe I’m eighteen. I’m excited about all the things I can do now, like buy lottery tickets, register to vote, and go to clubs….=)

To celebrate my birthday, I had a Breakfast at Tiffany’s breakfast at a local, very elegant hotel with my friends.

I thought this was a perfect theme, since Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my all-time favorite movie, and it is also very sophisticated, something I wanted for my 18th birthday.

For the invitations, we bought Tiffany blue cardstock from Michael’s craft store, white ribbon, and transparent vellum paper. We printed all the info about the party on the vellum, then cut it into squares about 5 x 5 in. We cut the cardstock so it was about 12 x 6 in. We placed the vellum inside the cardstock, then folded the cardstock in half. Then we tied the cardstock with the white ribbon, so it looked like a Tiffany box.

I delivered the invitations at school in a Tiffany bag. =)

I made these Tiffany box inspired cupcakes for party favors. See my previous post for more decorating information.

My mom surprised me with a night’s stay at the elegant hotel, complete with fuzzy slippers, chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling apple juice. We had a nice toast at midnight, to ring in my eighteenth year. =)

In the hotel room, we watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s and ate Cracker Jack ( a significant element in the film) out of margarita glasses.

Thanks to The Home Bakery, even my birthday cake was shaped like a Tiffany box! It was delicious too – chocolate with raspberry filling. Mmmmm….

Breakfast was absolutely delicious. Most of my friends had a creme brulee french toast, which came smothered in cream and berry compote. We were all astonished when the brought out the food – the portions were enormous, and the presentation was beautiful!

My waffle was delicious, too! What a lovely Breakfast at Tiffany’s!!

After breakfast, I made my way over to the nearest Tiffany & Co. store to window shop – something I do every year on my birthday (and also when I have a case of those mean reds). Then, in the evening I saw a showing of My Fair Lady at an old-fashioned movie theater. What a perfect way to celebrate my eighteenth birthday! =)

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