Birthday Fortune Cookies

For my friend’s super special 18th birthday, I made her humongous homemade fortune cookies. In one of them, I used a lottery ticket (with a $1 bill wrapped safely inside it) as the fortune!

After they were molded into semi-fortune cookie looking shapes, I sprinkled white chocolate chips over them (do this while they are still hot!). This was a homage to Panda Inn’s amazing white chocolate covered fortune cookies (I ate one in California and I’ve never been able to appreciate a non-chocolatey fortune cookie since).

After the chocolate chips got all melty, I sprinkled Betty Crocker star-shaped sprinkles on top and stuck in a birthday candle.

See my previous post on how to make fortune cookies. For extra large fortune cookies like these, spread the batter on the cookie sheet until the circle is about 7 or 8 inches in diameter.

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