Celebrate with awesome Cookie Cake!

I have always been a fan of cookie cake. How can you not love the soft, chocolatey cookie and melt-in-your-mouth sugar frosting combination???? Of course, I always feel like I’m in a sugar coma after I have a slice, but cookie cake is just too good to resist.

I recently started my second semester of senior year (yay!). To celebrate entering this new, slightly more relaxed phase of high school, I decided to make a cookie cake for my AP World History class (they really like food =) ).

I didn’t want to just buy one from Mrs. Fields’. I wanted it to be more personal, and I’m a firm believer that desserts always taste better when they are homemade.

I used this recipe (with some tweaks of my own), which tasted WAY better than Mrs. Fields (no offense Mrs. Fields- I still love your  soft sugar cookies!!!!!)

Though the recipe called for normal granulated sugar, I used superfine sugar. I also substituted white chocolate chips for the semi-sweet chocolate chips. This sugar/chocolate combination gave it a sweeter, gentler taste that really complemented the buttery, brown sugar taste of the cookie more than semi-sweet chocolate and more coarse sugar would. I also mixed in some M&Ms, because I didn’t have enough chocolate chips. In the future, I probably wouldn’t do this again, but it tasted really good!

For the frosting, I simply used Betty Crocker canned vanilla frosting. I made a large hole in the lower corner of a ziploc bag (using a toothpick), then filled the ziploc bag with frosting and SEALED it. Then I just wrote away. =)

This was a truly fantastic recipe, that I DEFINITELY encourage you to try for your next celebration. Everyone loved it!!!!!!!!!!

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