Epic Fail: Pucker Up, Buttercup Lemon Angel Food Cake

For a while now, my mom and I have wanted to create a recipe completely from scratch. Without even looking at other, similar recipes. We want to make a legacy recipe – something that will be passed down for generations.

We thought that this recipe could be lemon angel food cake – our way.

We were very, very wrong.

Everything was going really well. The egg whites were frothy, the superfine sugar was perfectly mixed in there, stiff peaks were forming – it was great.

Then we had the not so bright idea to give it its lemon flavor with lemon juice.

Bad idea.

Obviously, the egg white stiffness immediately became a goopy mess.

We stuck it in the oven anyway, hoping it would come out alright.

We tried everything to save it. We covered it in foil, baked it for a realllyyyyyy long time, at a more intense heat – everything.

But it was dead.

It came out as a half-baked, goopy, battery mess.

Epic fail? I think so.

Next time, we will just use lemon zest and hope that gives it enough flavoring.

We were hoping to be able to cover the cake with a lemon juice and powdered sugar glaze, sprinkled with crushed lemon heads.

This may have turned out (very) badly, but we won’t give up so easily! We still have those crushed lemon heads in our cupboard and, gosh darn it, we’re going to use ’em!!!!

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