Last Wednesday, I was lucky enough to FINALLY have a Snow Day!

I’ve been waiting desperately all winter for one! It was so nice to have a day to relax.

For my (most likely last-ever) Snow Day, my mom made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then I ventured out into the snowy abyss, and made a lovely snow-woman. I used candy corn and peanut butter chips for the face, and a candy cane for a pipe.

I also had a nice long skate on the ice my dad made for me!!!! It was truly a magical moment, skating on the ice as I watched the soft snow fall.

We also made chocolate chip cookies!

Here’s a little tip for yummier cookies: use superfine sugar, not granulated! It gives it a much smoother taste. Also, if you’re not a fan of the overwhelming chocolatey-ness of semi-sweet chocolate chips, I suggest using white chocolate chips instead. It gives the cookies a more delicate taste, and I think it works with the brown sugar and butter better than semi-sweet chocolate chips do.

Here are some other cute ideas for Snow Days:

I hope you have many more snow days to come!

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