food journey through San Francisco + The Bay Area

Last summer, my mom and I went to California for a few weeks on a much needed vacation and for some college touring. I’ve decided to take you on our food journey, so it might help you if you are planning a trip to San Francisco/elsewhere in the bay area!

First stop….Fisherman’s Wharf Fruit “Market”

Fisherman’s Wharf is THE tourist destination in San Francisco. Tourists pack this area, but I still suggest you take a look! There are some great things to see here….and eat.

We still have dreams about the cherries we ate at the fruit stand on Fisherman’s Wharf. We’ve never had cherries so big, red, and juicy.

Fisherman’s Wharf has some other great sights, as well. You can see these sea lions sleeping and splashing around – they’re adorable, and there are SO many of them! Fisherman’s Wharf also has a great view of Alcatraz, and is the home of the Bush Man!

By far one of the best things about the Fisherman’s Wharf area is Ghiradelli Square….

The Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop is incredible. AMAZING. My stomach is rumbling right now just thinking about it.


You will not regret it! There are also other locations in the US, such as the Chicago and Downtown Disney (FL) location.

Here is a sample menu that you will find in the ice cream shop.

Soooooo good. =)

Fisherman’s Wharf also has the Boudin Bakery, which makes the best sourdough bread you will ever taste! Supposedly, something in the air in San Francisco gives the bread its unique flavor.

You can watch them make the bread from the sidewalk outside! It smells wonderful, too!

The bread comes in fun shapes, like a turtle or crab! Be prepared for some long lines inside, but don’t worry – the bread is worth the wait!

#2….Trolley Ride

The trolleys are the quintessence of San Francisco. Ride one and feel like a tourist as you ride past all the houses that look like they could have been in Full House. =)

#3…de Young Museum

The de Young Museum is an art museum that has a lot of African art and paintings. I personally found the courtyard/garden area outside it its best feature, but the museum is wonderful!

The observation level offers a lovely view of San Francisco!!

#4….The Golden Gate Bridge!

Touristy? Yes. Necessary? Yes.

This bridge will take your breath away. The view is absolutely beautiful.

#5….Haight-Ashbury District

Home to the Grateful Dead once upon a time, this area is trippy, psychadelic, groovy, and whatever other 60s jargon you care to use. I personally liked the man who thought that he was a TV, and performed programs for people through a cardboard box.

If you are interested in learning more about the fascinating history of Haight Ashbury, I suggest reading the essay titled “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” in the anthology of the same name by Joan Didion.

Haight Ashbury is a very interesting area. I suggest checking out Amoeba Records (there’s also one in Berkeley and on Sunset Blvd.) – incredible music store!

Cafes in Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto is a very cutesy area that I suggest you spend some time in. They have a great farmers market and lots of great restaurants.

Tea Time

Tea Time in Palo Alto is a great place to grab lunch or breakfast. I loved their scones, and their iced teas are great! Mine was a mint tea. I don’t remember the actual name of it, but it was delicious!

Joanie’s Cafe

Joanie’s Cafe in Palo Alto has DELICIOUS waffles. It’s usually pretty busy, but it is worth the wait and has a great atmosphere. And, they offer breakfast for dinner, one of my favorite things!!

Berkeley’s Frozen Yogurt

Though my mom and I are completely, utterly, pathetically obsessed with Pinkberry (we have dreams about it), Yogurt Harmony’s frozen yogurt was also delicious. As you can see, I had strawberry with sprinkles. =)

I hope this list is helpful to you as you start planning your trip to San Francisco! There are many more things I would suggest doing, so if you need any more ideas, please just comment and I would be happy to help you!

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