garden grown blueberry streusel muffins!

It’s that time of year again! Lately we have been picking blueberries from our garden like crazy! We love making blueberry pancakes and waffles with our own home-grown blueberries, but we decided to do something different with our last batch.

I used this recipe for blueberry streusel muffins.

The batter should be thick, but be careful not to overmix, as the muffins will become too heavy!

The streusel topping for this recipe is very simple. You don't have to make up a flour/butter mixture specifically for the streusel - you just scoop out some of the flour mixture you use to make the muffins!

These muffins were SO delicious! The lemon zest prevents them from being to heavy and buttery. They are really quite refreshing. The streusel topping perfectly complements the taste of the muffin.

I actually recommend eating these the day after you make them, after keeping them in an airtight container overnight. That way they are a bit more moist.

I usually use smaller blueberries when I make blueberry muffins. I’ve never used fresh, large as your thumb nail blueberries in a muffin recipe before, but they tasted wonderful in the muffin! I really loved the large chunks of blueberry.

It was a lot of fun making these muffins. It felt so nice that we were using blueberries that we made with our own hard work in our own garden. I always like using ingredients whose origins I actually know of and feel comfortable with. =)

Other than blueberries, we also grow our own raspberries, grapes, tomatoes, strawberries, and herbs. We love incorporating our produce in our recipes!

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